Steven Crowder’s H3H3 Meltdown Exposes “Debate Bros” Insecurity

It’s fascinating to see the lengths a political movement will go to protect its own. Since 2014 during the days of Anita Sarkeesian and Francesca Ramsey, the anti-social justice warrior community pushed a narrative that lefties were afraid of debate, unable to put “facts over feelings” when confronted by the online right’s most critical thinkers such as Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, Dave Rubin, Sargon of Akkad, and controversial comedian Steven Crowder.

For a while, the right used this “debate bro” bravado as an effective strategy to gain notoriety, enabled only by the fact several lefties simply wouldn’t engage the opposition. With time, not only has this bravado slowly withered away as serious lefty challengers emerged, but many conservatives have actually taken to defending Crowder for his onscreen meltdown on the H3H3 podcast when he was surprisingly confronted by Sam Seder of the Majority Report, a debate opponent the comedian has been actively dodging for years.

As YouTube’s most notorious provocateur, Crowder is certainly no stranger to causing self-inflicted embarrassment. With “Change My Mind,” a viral segment from his show Louder With Crowder, he implicitly invites anyone on college campuses to an impromptu debate on any controversial issue. The comedian frames himself as being some born-again…



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