Laid-Off Carrier Workers: “I Wish I Voted For Bernie Sanders”

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6 min readJan 24, 2018
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President Donald J. Trump is no stranger to braggadocios titles. Well before the commander in chief drafted this week’s “Fake News Awards”, a self congratulatory list of news outlets he claims misrepresented his achievements in the oval office, Trump made grandiose promises of how he’ll be America’s “great negotiator” and “the greatest jobs president that God ever created”.

In November of 2016, winning an uphill battle against his Democratic rival in Hillary Clinton, it was time to see talk of big game brought to action, with the then-President-elect touting a tax incentive deal he negotiated with an Indianapolis Carrier plant to keep 700 jobs from moving to Mexico.

This was a significant milestone for the administration. The president’s more fanatical outlet like Breitbart and InfoWars were calling it a “historic victory against crony capitalism”, even citing Trump’s inflated (and debunked) numbers of well over a 1000 being “saved”. Even then, it would have been a fair positive on his record… which turns all the more false by the day.

Now approaching an exact one year anniversary of his year in office, it was revealed on Thursday, as a surprise to no-one, that the exact same Indianapolis Carrier plant Trump “saved” ultimately fired 200 more workers in spite of the president’s deal — many of whom being his own voters, who say they feel “betrayed” by what they described as an extravagant con job”.

Speaking at an Indianapolis town hall meeting on Wednesday, before any of the layoffs had begun, the former president of United Steelworkers 1999, Chuck Jones, who didn’t vote Trump, demolished the president by selling those factory workers “false hope”.

“I think everybody ought to respect the president of the United States and the office he holds,” Jones told his audience of union workers and noted Trump voters. “But Donald Trump is a liar and an idiot.”

“When he was saying these jobs would not be leaving this country, not at any



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